Childbirth Education Classes, Las Vegas

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We offer affordable, modern, childbirth education and preparation classes. Here at The Childbirth Educator,our classes are built upon several different components and are 100% customizable to suit every parents needs. The classes are up-beat, fun, interactive and full of all the things you’ll want to know before you go into labor.

Education is Powerful. Taking Childbirth Education Classes empower the mom and the partner, enabling them to be prepared for a natural birth and what is normal. It strengthens them to prepare for a healthy, safe and satisfying birth experience. Learning about birth and all what belongs to it. Childbirth Education will help to overcome fear about the unknown. We believe that taking classes about homebirth or natural birth will strengthen mom, partner and family to experience the satisfying birth they deserve.

We offer a specific childbirth course.Made to prepare the pregnant mom and partner to give birth naturally without medication and side effects involved, possibly at home. It includes breathing techniques, relaxation and birth role exercises. The teachings are taught with powerpoint presentation, birth demonstrations tools, videos, games, and involves guests who will enhance the classes with personal experience of natural birth.

We also offer separate classes such as, MOM 101, Traveling with an Infant, and more! Be sure to check in often and sign up for our different special classes!

We believe knowledge gives you power!
Sign up today! We look forward to educating you, to have a wonderful experience with your new arrival!